Q&A~questions that were there up until now~

What kind of waste can be made into tile?

Basically, plastics, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.), rubber, concrete, those containing a large amount of calcium, and mixtures that cannot be separated cannot be turned into tile. If other materials are under 5mm, it will be evaluated after verification whether or not materials can be tiled by conducting a simple test.

Although molten slag has a brittle image, is the tile strength enough?

Since other materials with high firing strength are added to the raw material, sufficient strength can be achieved. Actually constructed tiles have proven to be at least twice as strong as the JIS standard of tiles, thanks to testing by an inspection association. In addition, our company conducts simple strength tests each time using its own bending fracture testing unit, so it is possible to develop tiles with high strength.

Are tiles free of harmful substances?

The melting furnace which discharges molten slag is made for the purposes of reducing the volume of garbage, detoxification, and recycling of materials. Low-boiling point heavy metals such as lead and cadmium volatilize into dust called “molten fly ash”; it hardly remains in the molten slag, making it extremely safe. Furthermore, there are also local municipalities who have adopted JIS standards, making raw material safe and stable.

Will prices be higher than conventional products?

Raw materials of evoRevo Tile, in addition to molten slag, use other waste materials that are affordable. In addition, since the firing temperature is lower than conventional products, the firing costs can be cut by approximately 30%. However, at present, raw material transportation prices and processing costs such as grinding are higher than those of ordinary tiles, so it is slightly more expensive than conventional products. If the mass production system is in place and the supply is large enough, products that are cheaper than the conventional product can be offered.


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