Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where Toyota Motor Corporation's head office is located. It is a tile produced using 100% recycled raw materials with 40% of Toyota City slag. The unique texture of slag, which looks like a haze, is combined with the tasteful color of reduction firing to create a tile with a primitive and powerful look.

●Product Data
Product name AKATSUKI
Category Molten Slag Tile
Material Molten Slag
Product Tag Stoneware Tile / Unglazed
Color Width High
Construction Conditions Indoor floor / Indoor wall / Outdoor floor / Outdoor wall
Sizes 90x90
  • * Due to the characteristics of the product, there is some variation in size and there is a large color width.
  • * As a feature of reduced fired products, large color differences occur depending on the production lot. Be especially careful when adding or repairing. We recommend that you submit a sample of the actual tiles used.
  • * When using the floor, we will process it by milling as needed.


  • AKA-1


  • AKA-1

    Tile Size : 90×90×t15 mm (3.54″×3.54″×t0.59″)

  • Straight Joint Sheet : AKA-1S

    Sheet Size : 300×300×t15 mm (11.81″×11.81″×t0.59″)

    Tile Size : 300×300×t15 mm (11.81″×11.81″×t0.59″)

  • Brick Joint Sheet : AKA-1R

    Sheet Size : 300×300×t15 mm (11.81″×11.81″×t0.59″)

    Tile Size : 300×300×t15 mm (11.81″×11.81″×t0.59″)

* Due to the specifications of the product, there are some variations in size.


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