By adding molten slag of city waste and industrial waste discharged from factories of major companies to the raw materials of the recycled ceramic industry, we have completed a recycle tile that uses up to 80% or more of the recycled raw materials. The bold color width of reduction firing leads to the earth, which is exactly the earth color. We support the efforts of companies and local governments with SDGs with environmentally friendly recycled tiles.

●Product Data
Product name TOYA
Category Molten Slag Tile
Material Molten Slag
Product Tag Stoneware Tile / Unglazed
Color Width High
Construction Conditions Indoor wall / Outdoor wall
Sizes 60x115 / 60x240
  • * Due to the characteristics of the product, there is some variation in size and there is a large color width.
  • * As a feature of reduced fired products, large color differences occur depending on the production lot. Be especially careful when adding or repairing. We recommend that you submit a sample of the actual tiles used.


  • TYA-1

  • TYA-2

  • TYA-3


  • TYA-240-□

    Tile Size : 60×240×t13 mm (0.98″×8.94″×t0.51″)

  • TYA-115-□

    Tile Size : 60×115×t13 mm (2.36″×8.94″×t0.51″)

* Due to the specifications of the product, there are some variations in size.


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